Member Story Of The Month

October 21 Member Of The Month – Vicki Whitelegg

Well done to ASV Member, Vicki Whitelegg who is our October 21 member of the month!

Vicki has been a member at ASV since February 2018 and is one of our regular early bird workout crew taking part in all our weekly early bird classes including HIITCARDIO, Metafit, HIITSTEP & Spinning. More recently Vicki had her first child, Annie is now 9 month old.

Vicki was eager to get back in the Gym once she had Annie and faced a real challenge in getting the time to come to the Gym with her partner out working early doors and not having childcare at that early bird time. Together we worked a plan where Vicki could return to her favourite early bird workout sessions in the Gym and in the classes by bringing Annie with her to the Gym and have Annie in her pram next to her on certain machines in the Gym and also in the group exercise classes.

This has worked really well for Vicki and 9 months since having Annie, Vicki is enjoying being back, has the watchful eye of her daughter during her workouts, and is achieving fantastic results here at Astley Sports Village.

We all face many barriers and challenges with both getting to the Gym around work and family commitments and especially for those who on maternity leave when childcare becomes a barrier to getting to the Gym. We have always worked on the basis of #alwaysfindaway and with Vicki we did and its great to see Vicki enjoying her workouts and no doubt in a few years Annie will be a regular face at our Kids Gym Sessions and a future ASV Member!

Well done Vicki keep up the great work, effort, consistency and overcoming those barriers to exercise!

Astley Sports Village Fitness Team