Member Story Of The Month

June 22 – Member Of The Month Nikki Taylor

Nikki has been one of our most long standing members for many many years! Nikki has always been consistent with your exercise regime, always puts in 100% and is always a pleasure to train whether this is in her 1-2-1 personal training sessions or in any of the group exercise classes Nikki attends.

Nikki faced the biggest challenge of her life in February 2022, when she discovered a dent in her right breast. Nikki booked in with her GP straight away and was diagnosed with breast cancer. After undergoing surgery to have the lump removed in April along with countless tests to ensure the cancer hadn’t spread to her lymph nodes. Nikki will soon begin radiotherapy sessions as part of her treatment plan.

We spoke to Nikki to ensure she was comfortable with us sharing this news & immense challenge she has faced and continuing to face over the coming period. Nikki has shown unbelievable strength, resilience, determination and that ‘always find a way’ and ‘never give up’ attitude! Her first question to her consultant ‘when can i train again?’

Challenges will always come our way in life. Some challenges more significant than others. We have always been a very firm believer that being physically active on a regular basis not only helps your body physically respond and support recovery time but also gives that sense of purpose, drive, determination and resilience to be a key coping strategy from a mental health and emotional wellbeing aspect.

Nikki we can’t put into words enough how strong and resilient you have been over these past few months. We know sadly that many other women will face challenges like this and you are certainly a role model to every woman. TEAM ASV are right behind you as you move through your treatment plan and we know all our ASV members will be too!

Nikki you are our Member Of The Month and well deserved!

Astley Sports Village Fitness Team