Member Story Of The Month

September Member of the Month – Pete Noble

Peter Noble has been a member here at Astley Sports Village since July 2010, training each week year round. Pete is one of the nicest blokes you could meet who will always take the time to speak to other members in the gym and is a very well known member for not only his great personality but for his achievements since being a member here.

November 2013 Pete took on one of the greatest physical & mental challenges out there which was to climb as far up Mount Everest as possible. Pete did amazing and was great to see how much support and encouragement Pete received on his social media updates from other Astley Sports Village members along with his friends and family members.

Pete Noble

Pete exercises every week in the gym using MYZONE to help track his cardio and resistance workouts and follows a very balanced program to help him achieve his health & fitness goals.

Knowing Pete i wouldn’t rule out another big challenge that is on his radar in the future and from all the Team at ASV it is a pleasure to have you as a member here and keep up the great work!


Astley Sports Village Fitness Team

Pete Noble 1