Member Story Of The Month

October Member of the Month – Richard Walker

Richard joined Astley Sports Village, April 2018 with the goal of becoming fitter and healthier, Richard initially would come in a couple of mornings a week, predominantly exercising on the cardio vascular machines.

Through talking with the Astley Sports Village staff and becoming more confident using different types of equipment in the Gym, Richard now has a lot more variety and specificity in the workouts he now does.

Being one of the early bird exercisers with the facility opening at 06:00am, Richard is a keen regular to the Gym as we open and now enjoys mixing his routine up further by taking part in our early morning classes including, Metafit, MetaPWR and Spinning.

Richard ensures the time he spends in the Gym & classes is effective by being one of our many MYZONE members, enabling him to track every minute of his workouts to get those results!

Some of our member of the month awards have been awarded to members who have lost weight or completed a certain challenge. In this case Richard has shown that confidence to come and speak to our staff to enhance his workouts here with us. Sometimes we can all stick to one routine or be in that comfort zone where results either plateau or don’t become as noticeable.

We have a great team of not only fully qualified fitness staff but very experienced in many methods of exercise and working with members who have a wide range of health and fitness goals.

Well done Rick!

Team ASV

Astley Sports Village Fitness Team

Rick Member of the Month