Member Story Of The Month

Ste Limb - ASV Online COVID-19

Over the last few years i’ve found a real consistency with my training that has helped me stay physically & mentally fit. So when the news broke about COVID-19 and i was informed about the closure of the Gym my concerns along with many others was turned to how was i going to keep myself active!

When i heard the news that Astley Sports Village was going to tackle this temporary
closure head on and in it’s own unique way with online classes via Facebook LIVE, ZOOM & YouTube i was more than happy to embrace this new way of training despite never doing anything like this online before. I was really suprised with the quality and content of their online classes and how many members from the Gym like myself
embracing this new way of training and keeping physically active at home in lockdown.

Although the birth of my son just days before this pandemic, i couldn’t always train at the time some classes go LIVE but the beauty of this new online structure is that i can go onto Astley Sports Village various social media platforms and re-do any class at a time thats convenient to me, added to this the fantastic MYZONE belt, which keeps me super motivated during my workouts so i can track my intensity and effort levels i am putting into each workout at home and whilst the Gym is closed. The MYZONE also helps that competitive edge to me to ensure i gain enough MEPs that month to
continue to work towards MYZONE status awards and help ensure my workout effort i put in for that particular workout is effective especially when i have had little sleep from being awake with my new born son.

So with the fantastic range of online & LIVE classes Mark and his fantastic Team are doing coupled with my running i’ve not only managed to keep myself fit but more
importantly kept myself mentally active and focused on finding a workable routine during this COVID-19 lockdown.
Stephen Limb

Astley Sports Village Fitness Team