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September 2020 Family Of The Month - Team Sweeney

Well done to our very first ASV ‘Family Of The Month’ with Gary, Claire and Spencer all being recognised for their fantastic achievements & health & fitness journey here at Astley Sports Village. This family joined Astley Sports Village, April 2019 with the goal of loosing weight and improving their general fitness. In the run up to Summer 2019 all were regular gym users and did really well with their health and fitness goals right up to their Summer 2019 holiday.

Once back from holiday that motivation and consistency became a difficult barrier to overcome until January 2020 when that New Year Gym motivation kicked in. All came back to the Gym with workouts consisting of cardio & resistance work in the Gym each evening during the week. COVID lockdown quickly presented and at the beginning of lockdown all were working out in the garden using equipment they hired from Astley Sports Village, trying to keep themselves working towards their health and fitness goals with the added challenge of doing these at home with Gyms closed and again that motivation barrier started to appear. Spencer throughout Lockdown exercised pretty much every day using the equipment hired and kept that consistency in his workouts whilst on furlough. It was great to see the family sharing their home workout photos during lockdown and hearing how consistent and the effort Spencer was putting in daily to his workout regime.

ASV then re-opened our doors late July and since then the full family has been regulars of an evening, not only overcoming the motivation barrier but began to keep that consistency and determination to keep exercising even on the days when you feel like staying at home and saying ‘will go tomorrow instead’ This battle of motivation and consistency is one we all face and as you can see from their health and fitness journey there are periods when motivation becomes too big of a battle where you end up having a period of time away from the Gym. The key message here is to not beat yourself up about it and as soon as possible set yourself some short term goals and targets. These could be just to attend the Gym twice a week for the first month and then month two could be to maybe add an extra session such as a fitness class and start to set weight loss targets or developing lean muscle targets, which you can track using a tape measure or pre regime photos.

The results Gary, Claire and Spencer have seen since returning from lockdown is really impressive and a testament to their hard work, consistency and encouraging each other as a family to make that time together to come to the Gym together rather than the temptation for one to stay at home.

Weight Loss results to date

* Spencer has lost 4 stone since January 2020!
* Claire has lost almost 2 stone
* Gary has lost almost 2 stone with 1stone coming off in the last 4 weeks motivated by Septembers MYZONE MEPs Challenge.

Well done Team Sweeney keep up the great effort together as a family!

Team ASV

Astley Sports Village Fitness Team