We’re Giving Members Even More!

On Monday 8th November we are revamping our Personal Training and Group Exercise offering to give all our ASV Gym members even more for their money!

The new system will feature a new range of Small Group Personal Training sessions alongside 38 of your Group Exercise favourites and we are still continuing with our offering a FREE 1-2-1 Personal Training sessions but these will be now up to 2-3 Personal Training sessions each month as opposed to 1 a week.

The 1-2-1 Personal Training sessions will continue to be FREE and this 30 minute session will be tailored to your health and fitness goals as they are currently. When you now have your Personal Training session you will be sent the workout regime you have just done in that session through to your myzone app or via email or go old skool with a pen and notepad. This workout you can then follow for the next 2-3 weeks when you would then book in again to progress that workout or to add a new workout to your regime. This way you will always have that workout plan specific to your goals to work on in the Gym to get the very best results with us.

The Small Group PT sessions are new and are going to be a fantastic addition to both our timetable and to yourselves. Here you can book into specific small group PT sessions including; Ultimate Kettlebells, TRX Suspension Training, ASV Abs, Cardio-Tastic, Weights Wednesday and many more. There is no limit to booking these as we open up more slots for you to book in with a member of staff. The Small Group PT sessions will have 4 spaces to each session which will create a great workout atmosphere and really home in on those exercise techniques, whilst being able to use various progressions and regressions to make the exercises safe and effective for each person

Bookings will open up 7 days ahead through our facility MYZONE App which you can download for FREE. ASV members you will be sent the access code for the app on your welcome email when joining. For non members please get in touch for more details on how to become an ASV member or how to access our pay as you go group exercise classes.

Club Noticeboard

Dorothy is a long standing member who has always enjoyed being active and attending the gym regularly. Recently though she has struggled with a very painful knee which has made exercise, climbing stairs, getting up and down and even walking difficult.

After seeing a consultant, Dorothy was told that she would need knee replacement surgery if she wanted to get her quality of life back and be pain free again. Obviously this was a huge blow to Dorothy both physically and mentally as being active is such an important part of her life. Whilst waiting for the surgery date Dorothy was unable to join in her Over 50’s classes and was limited to gentle walking on the treadmill.

Not one to give in though, Dorothy decided to try and stay as active as she could and lose weight to help the strain on her knees, joining Slimming World and booking in Personal Training sessions.

With a programme designed to strengthen the muscles around the knee joint, gentle continuous cardio and upper/lower body resistance training as well as following her slimming world plan, Dorothy soon noticed a decrease in her pain levels and a significant improvement in mobility. Committed to following her personal training programme both in the gym and at home and achieving a 2 stone weight loss, she was able to return to the ‘Over 50’s’ class and started to see a huge difference in her mobility and pain levels.

Returning to the consultant this week Dorothy was able to show the massive progress she has achieved, so much so that the consultant has said that she now has a choice on whether or not she has the operation as it’s no longer a necessity.

An absolutely inspirational and determined lady … a huge well done from all at ASV!!