October Half Term Kids Camps

Our ASV ALL STARS Half Term Holiday Camp Returns This October!

Our 6-11yrs Multi Sports Camp will take place on Monday 28th and Thursday 31st October, 09:30 – 15:00. This camp will feature a range of sports including: Dodgeball, Basketball, Hockey, Kick Cricket, Handball, Football, Netball and more.

Our 2-5yrs Mini Kids Camp will take place on Wednesday 30th October 09:30 – 11:300. This camp will feature a range of early years games to make movement fun whilst developing those key early years skills such as balance, co-ordination, strength, speed and agility.


Both camps can now be booked either through email or by contacting reception on

E: info@astleysportsvillage.co.uk

0161 338 6872


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December is arguably one of the busiest and most hectic months of the year for many. There is so much happening whether it is Christmas shopping, Christmas Parties, Christmas events with the kids, visiting or having family around, plus the normal day to day tasks that any other month brings.

One area that tends to go on the back burner is your own physical activity and what we also like to call your ‘me time’ That temptation to say “I’ll wait till January” ” I’ll be back in January” “I’ll join in January” becomes so tempting!

Create that mindset to give yourself and plan in that so important ‘me time’ whether that be just 30 minutes where you can come down to the Gym have a workout or book on a class such as HIITSTEP, Metafit, Spin, Skip Fit or want to come down for an aerobic dance based class such as Zumba, Clubbericse, Bokwa, RockBox to keep you active and keep ticking over throughout December rather than doing no physical activity at all till January.

We are giving out FREE Gym and FREE Class passes throughout December to give you that extra encouragement to keep active with us here at Astley Sports Village. Many are choosing to take advantage of these FREE passes and enjoyed the classes so much they have no signed up to our No Contract memberships already and totally avoided that temptation to wait till January!

Book Your FREE Class or Gym Pass today: info@astleysportsvillage.co.uk


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