ASV Online Launches!

Our ASV Online is ready to launch this week with four fantastic home workout classes to choose from;
👉 ASV Kettlebell Home Workout
👉 ASV Zumba
👉 ASV Burn

Here is all the information you need to get set up!

ASV Members who are on a monthly direct debit or have paid for 6months or 12months upfront we are giving you full unlimited access to our online classes as part of your membership! Here is what you need to do..

1. Email info@astleysportsvillage.co.uk with the subject header of ASV LIVE Member Online Portal Link.

2. You will recieve an email from us directly with a unique URL website link that takes you straight to a website called MoveGB. MoveGB are our online platform providers which you will log into to Book & Join in the classes we stream LIVE. Again, there is no cost to this at all for our ASV members.

3. Once you complete the short registration process you will then be able to book onto our weekly online classes through this portal, MoveGB.

4. If you have a MYZONE belt even better as you will be able to watch the instructor in one half of your device and in the other you will see your MYZONE tiles alongside all other MYZONE users streaming the class at the same time for that true workout motivation & experience.

Further information:

1. You do not need to have ZOOM or Facebook to stream these classes. This is all done our end and why we have chosen MoveGB to stream our classes.

2. Our online classes are streamed LIVE by TEAM ASV Instructors. We will be adding on demand content from November alongside our LIVE streams.

3. You do not need a MYZONE belt to join in our online classes.

4. If your a non members and wish to join our online classes you are more than welcome and just need to use this link to set up your portal access & pay as you go for just £4.00 per class with payments made through MoveGB secure website. http://www.movegb.com/astley-sports-village

Club Noticeboard

As we approach December where Gyms are expected to once again open our doors, we want to offer a little extra incentive to get our communities into exercise in the run up to Christmas.

We have allocated 25 Gym & Class Membership deals here at Astley Sports Village for just £15.00 for 30 days usage. This deal is real simple and amazing value for money. This deal includes the below amazing features all for just £15.00 one off payment:

* Full access to our state of the art Gym
* Full access to our on site group exercise classes
* Full access to our online exercise classes
* Expert guidance & support from our fully qualified & highly experienced staff
* A taste of our amazing ASV community & why so many choose to Join Astley Sports Village

Payments will not be taken until we are officially back open so by pre registration using the link below we just have your details to reserve one of the twenty five spaces.

We’re looking forward to being back open this December and can’t wait to showcase exactly why so many choose to Join ASV.