4DPRO Bungee Kids Fitness!

We are hugely excited to bring the brand new 4DPRO Bungee Kids Fitness to Astley Sports Village. Not only is 4DPRO Bungee Fitness fun to do it also gives a great workout intensity at the same time!

4DPRO Bungee is a bodyweight workout using the bungee to perform a wide range of exercises that will boost fitness, burn off calories and improve balance and co-ordination all at the same time.

The 4DPRO Bungee Kids Fitness will consist of a block of 4 consecutive sessions on a Sunday morning, Time options are 10:00am each Sunday or 10:45am each Sunday. Each session last around 40 minutes in total and delivered under the supervision and instruction of our qualified Instructors here at Astley Sports Village.

Block of 4 sessions is £12.00 with advance booking and payment essential.

Contact us on 0161 338 6872 or email info@astleysportsvillage.co.uk for booking details

Club Noticeboard

School is out for the summer & we have a fantastic Student Summer Gym Deal now available for boys & girls 14yrs-18yrs!

We are all about encouraging our young people to be more physically active outside of school time & choose the Gym rather than roaming the streets or sitting on their devices all day.

This Gym deal allows them access to our state of the art Gym right through to Sunday 29th August. Usage times are weekdays up to 17:00 and weekends from 11:00 – 17:00. Gym staff will be on site to ensure they are working out safely & effectively along with giving them some valuable training tips and advice to increase their fitness, support their weight management and build their muscle strength and muscle tone.

This membership deal is just £25.00 for the full summer and can be purchased at ASV reception or for further information give us a call on 0161 338 6872 weekdays from 5pm or email info@astleysportsvillage.co.uk