Resistance training meets aerobic exercise at Boxercise, with boxing techniques and circuit training combining to create an intense workout. You’ll have to fight your way to the end of this class, but when you get there, you’ll feel amazing.

Boxercise classes are a great choice for those who want a full body workout, without spending hours in the gym. The boxing moves focus on upper body conditioning, for intense toning of the abs and core strength. Add cardio and aerobics and you’ve got a workout that will help build a strong, lean body. You’ll also improve agility, stamina and co-ordination – while burning hundreds of calories.

But it’s not all hard slog. BOXERCISE is a fun, energetic class that’s great to do with friends. It’s also a good stress buster at the end of a busy day, with self-defence moves thrown in. But as there’s no actual boxing, you don’t need to worry about protecting that face!

Benefits of BOXERCISE

Boxing moves plus circuit training create a strength meets cardio workout for the whole body

–       Learn basic boxing combinations

–       Improve balance, co-ordination and speed

–       Build strength and agility

–       Combines cardio and aerobic elements

–       Improve heart and lung function

–       Develop self-defence skills

–       Great stress buster

–       High energy and fun!

Boxercise classes every Tuesday 7:15pm – 8pm here at Astley Sports Village. 

Open to all ASV members & only £4 for non members with no advance booking requried