Manchester 100 Cycle Event with Team ASV

Manchester 100

Thinking of joining Team ASV for the Manchester 100 bike ride? But daunted by the distance or length of time it could possibly take? Don’t be! Here at ASV our staff are on hand to advise you of the correct exercises and training you should be doing to not only complete the 60+ mile event but also have fun whilst doing it.

The event takes place on September the 3rd, giving you plenty of time to train and prepare for the event and go there on the day feeling full of confidence and ready to enjoy the experience. Training rides will be arranged (Dates TBC), and gym based programmes will be prescribed to get you in the best shape to complete the event. Advice regards bike issues will also be given. We will also run regular exercise workshops.

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5 Training Tips for completing the Event

  1. Develop your Core- These muscles will stabilise your body, making pedalling more efficient, powerful and reduce risk of injury or lower back discomfort.
  2. Get on the Bike- Build confidence and fitness by training on the piece of kit you will use on the day.
  3. Train in the correct Heart Rate Zone- You could be in the saddle for 4 hours plus, building your muscular endurance and aerobic capacity is a must.
  4. Strengthen your Posterior Chain- lower back, glutes, hamstrings and calves. These muscles are often neglected when training but are important to improve your cycling performance.
  5. Enjoy your training- The more you enjoy it, the better you will do. Come to one of the planned training sessions, meet other members and train in pairs or groups.

Website Link to find out more information about the ride itself click here

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Kids Com Poster - DEC 10TH 2017

Following the amazing success of our first time hosting Willow Wood Kids Com event here at Astley Sports Village we are very pleased to host their next event in time for those last minute Christmas bargains!

Sunday 10th December here at Astley Sports Village is a date to put in your diaries. For those looking to pick up some amazing bargains on children’s toys you wont be disappointed as we watched lots of buyers walking away with some incredible bargains at rock bottom prices!

For those who wish to book a sellers pitch we recommend you book this as soon as possible as the last event Kids Com had to put a limit of sellers pitches due to the high demand with lots of sellers not getting a pitch due to it being sold out.

For full information on booking sellers pitches and for information on how willow wood are able to raise lots of money on these events please click here