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Astley Sports Village is an Official Spinning Centre with all our Spinning instructors fully certified and who continuously develop there Spin Knowledge through the Spinning Education program.

What does this mean? This means that Spinning classes here are taught as they are designed to as we bring the physical challenges and true road bike feeling to your spin bike.

Our rides are perfect for anyone whether you are a complete spinning newbie or an experienced rider. The Spinning sessions are designed to replicate a real outdoor ride and work to train in specific Energy Zones dependant on the training goal of the class.

Ride profiles bring the physical and mental challenges of hill climbs whether this be seated or standing followed by a serious of jumps, sprints and breakaways to bring that true spinning feel to each and every workout.

            There are many benefits of Spinning and these include:

            Great fat burning workout

            Increase general stamina

            Tones muscles

            Decrease tension

And these are all achieved through a fun, energetic and specific class.

At Astley Sports Village we have designed 3 types of Spinning class.

Spinning– 45min class, following the traditional methods of the Spinning program.

Express Spin– 30min class, high energy, high tempo class but giving riders short on time chance to ride a class.

Myzone Match Spin– Heart Rate based class, designed around Heart Rate zones, where the Myzone user follows the Myzone screen with the aim of keeping their Heart rate in the designed zone.